Join us on November 4 World Paper Free Day

Join us on November 4, 2016 World Paper Free Day, and reduce the amount of paper consumption at home and at the office.

Take a minute and look around.  Receipts, bills, statements, books, magazines, posters on the wall, business cards, holiday cards, tickets, etc. Our dependence on paper is greater than we think.  The demand for paper will never disappear completely.

However, do you know ….

  • how much paper people consume in a year:  According to RISI statistics, on average about 57 kilos of paper is consumed per capita in the world, with North America 221 kilos, Japan 215 kilos and Europe 156 kilos ranking on the top three.
  • how many trees are chopped down every year:  The study published in Nature says 15.3 billion trees are cut down every year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization.
  • how many sheets of paper can be made from a tree:  It is estimated that one tree can only produce 8,333 sheets of paper [source:].

Your choice can make a difference to our green earth.  Here are few practical tips to help you reduce the paper consumption.

  • Use scanners for paperless communication to rapidly cut the paper waste. When you need to share information with other people, scan paper-based documents and send out these digitized files instead of making lots of hard copies.
  • Use thinner paper for your printing and copying because thicker paper uses more fiber and cost more money.
  • Always use the blank side of unneeded paper for printing drafts and writing memos.

Save our living planet is easier than you think.  Think before you print!


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