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Open Box Review–ePhoto

The ePhoto Z300 is a very easy-to-use photo scanner, it comes along with an innovative and eye-catching design. As soon as the photo or document is inserted into the feeder and detected, the ePhoto Z300 scans, digitizes, and crops the scanned image to its original format automatically.

Let’s see how easy to operate the ePhoto from the very beginning.

The whole box of the beautiful photo scanner—Plustek ePhoto Z300.

The box content and important notices are printed on the cover.

Open the top cover, you will see the scanner and the accessory box.

The whole package includes the scanner, the accessory box and the accessory bag.

The accessory box contains a power adapter and an USB cable.

The accessory bag includes a Quick Guide, a calibration sheet, a cleaning cloth and an installation disc.

Unpacked the scanner from the cushions and the plastic bag. The front view of the ePhoto Z300.

Tear off the stickers on both sides of the scanner.

Open the cover of the scanner.

Tear off the stickers and the protective EPE strip inside the scanner.

Connect the USB cable and the adapter.

Insert the installation disc into your CD-ROM drive and install all software that your new USB scanner requires.

After the software is installed, you will be prompted to perform the scanner calibration. Insert the special calibration sheet to calibrate the scanner.

Align the calibration sheet to the calibration alignment mark (the outer line) on the scanner.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the scanner calibration.

Now you can start to scan your photos. See our video for clear demonstration.

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