Mrs. Ji’s Open Box Review on Plustek ePhoto Z300

User Review Abstract (English Translation) from Mr. Jim & Mrs. Ji Blog

It takes about 2-3 seconds to scan a photo on an average.

You can also use the bundled Plustek software to tweak the images.

Even old photos can look vivid after the post image processing and adjustments on the computer. 

Overall speaking, I think not only young people can use this scanner, but also the seniors.

Besides photos and documents, I also scan friends letters and cards, presentation printouts, etc. for digital archiving.  I don’t have to worry if they will get missing.  After all, you can NOT buy these precious stuff, no matter how much money you spend.

I feel sorry that I didn’t get to find this useful gadget earlier; otherwise, my wedding video could have been much better!

This guest post was originally written in Chinese by Mrs. Ji on “Mr. Jim & Mrs. Ji Blog” and localized into English by Plustek Connect digitization expert team with the author’s permission.


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