Easily Create Your Own eBooks, Part 1

Creating your own eBooks is not difficult, just follow these steps:

Step 1: find a scanner with a zero margin design

General book scanners cannot achieve zero margins which means you have to press down on the book’s binding to let the pages lie flat down on the scanner glass. Not only does this easily damage the books but it also produces bad scan results with shadows and distorted words near the spine.

Book scanners with zero margin designs have virtually no borders and this allows you to put books directly to the scanner. You don’t have to deal with distorted words near the spine or damaging the books in the scanning process anymore, your scans will come out clear and distortion-free. So remember to choose a book scanner with a zero margin design!


Step 2: use the super easy to use eBookScan scanning software

After finding a book scanner with zero margin design, it also requires appropriate scanning software to get the most out of it. The free and easy to use eBookScan scanning software can be downloaded from the Internet. Designed specifically to scan books, the eBookScan scanning software for Windows allows you to set custom margins to maintain the original appearance of the book. It can also be set to automatically rotate pages to retain the page layout. It is the most complete and easy-to-use software on the market! After all scanned pages are processed with OCR and turned into searchable PDF files, you can continue with the next step!

eBookScan software major features:

  1. Instant Preview: After scanning a page, you can immediately review it and make changes if anything feels wrong.
  2. Drag-and-drop to adjust page order: If there was an error during the scanning process or a previously scanned page needs to be rescanned for any reason, you can simply use drag-and-drop to rearrange the page order.book5-2
  3. Save two files at once: A feature exclusive to eBookScan, allowing you to save two different file formats with one scan action. You could save in JPG to save a book and searchable PDF to create eBooks. This design is really thoughtful!book5-3

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