Easily Create Your Own eBooks, Part 2

Creating your own eBooks is simple, just continue the following steps:

Step 3: easily convert files to eBook ePub format

ePub is an eBook publishing standard proposed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and is currently the most mainstream eBook standard. It can be read by virtually every smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile device on the market.

How to turn searchable PDF files into eBook ePub files after your book is scanned by the scanner? There are actually many free programs on the Internet that can create ePub files from PDF files, one of which we will present here – PDFMate PDF Converter Professional. On Windows computers, it only takes a few simple steps to convert scanned PDF files into ePub files! Download the program from its website. It only has restrictions for converting PDF to Word files, but not for creating ePub files so don’t worry! It is very convenience and easy to use.


After launching PDFMate PDF Converter Professional, click on Add PDF in the main window and select the PDF file you created. Click on Advanced Settings and adjust the EPUB settings. Then click on Convert and you’re done. After three easy steps, your eBook appears in front of you, hot off the press.


Step 4: read the eBook

Reading eBooks on Windows devices

On Windows devices, you can use e-Pub supporting web browsers like Firefox to open and read the newly created eBook file.


Reading eBooks on iOS devices

You can send the eBook file to your personal e-mail account like Gmail, and then choose to open it with the iBook reader on your iOS device.


Reading eBooks on Android devices

The same works for Android devices where you can use the Play Books app to open the file.


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