The Simple Way to Digitize Books

Choosing the Right Book Scanner

Among all different kinds of book scanners on the market, a zero-edge design book scanner is very helpful for book scanning. Plustek offers dedicated book-scanner series with the unique zero-edge design allow you to easily perform book scanning. The special edge design eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion of thick books while scanning. This revolutionary technology efficiently let you scan a book page to the edge of the spine and get clear image scan results. All book scanners come with software eliminates distortion and shadow artifacts.


You can create eBooks with eBookScan software in few minutes by using Plustek book scanners. The professional book scanner with book digitization feature helps you get rid of the heavy books. Just tap a button to convert a paper book into an electronic file. No matter where you go, you can easily read it on the computer or mobile devices.

Plustek book scanners also come with the SEE technology, a patented proprietary zero margin design, allows you to scan the book without shadow and skewing problems; the scanned images are complete without distortion. You may experience the real comfort and convenience of scanning books.

You don’t have to copy paper books anymore by using book scanners. Save yourself a lot of time and conveniently convert the books to Word files. With the Searchable PDF file format, searching documents becomes even easier, giving you unprecedented convenience.


Book Scanners with Zero Margin Design

Choose a book scanner with zero margin design is important and necessary to digitize book collections. Traditional flatbed scanners are designed to scan flat documents. When you use regular flatbed scanners to scan books, the curve of the page near the book binding will cause the edge texts distort and shadow. The scan results are hard to read and difficult to perform OCR process.

One of the biggest problems with scanning books is their binding, which leaves a shadow down the center of the book and can distort the text on the page. While some books may be able to open to sit on the glass directly, it’s hard to do so without damaging the spine.

Most flatbed scanners do not have a zero margin design, meaning that there is a plastic border surrounding the glass scanning area. If the whole book is laid on top of the scanner you are likely to get distortion, and if you lay it up against the edge you will likely lose texts because scanner cannot scan the full page.


Plustek offers book scanners featuring zero margin design. The zero margin design scanner removes this obstacle by eliminating that plastic border. This way, books can be placed directly onto the corner and scanned without clipping or distortions.

Convert Your Paper Books to eBooks

Many people love the convenience of eBooks. We can use every spare moment of the day to read our favorite books, all without having to lug around heavy hardbound versions or risk ruining paperbacks. There is, however, one big challenge that remains: what do we do with our paper books? Many of these books are not available in eBooks, and even if they are, nobody wants to pay for the same book twice just so that they can download it to their mobile devices.

If you fall into either of those categories you’re in luck. By investing a little time, money and elbow grease, you can quickly convert your paper books to eBooks. Using scanners to digitize your paper books and create your own eBooks is not difficult. It only takes a few simple steps.

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First of all, you need to find a powerful book scanner to scan your paper books. Using Plustek book scanners to convert your paper books to eBooks is quick and easy. Let the bundled OCR software to create searchable and editable PDF files. Proofread and check the output files. You may convert these PDF files into ePub format if necessary. Finally, store the converted files on your mobile devices. Now, you can enjoy the freedom to read your eBooks.

Bring Your eBooks Wherever You Go

eBooks are a great way to bring your books with you no matter where you go, making life both easier and more convenient. Whether you’re a student, a professional or an avid bookworm, you can easily convert your books into digital files and easily bring them with you whenever you go.


By using Plustek book scanners to convert your textbooks to digital books, you can quickly access and retrieve the necessary information you need, and effectively study your materials, no matter where you are. Another important reason to convert your textbooks to eBooks is that textbooks are incredibly heavy and difficult to lug around. eBooks take up less space and since you can fit hundreds of them on one device, you can easily switch between books and will never forget one at home.

Many working professionals lament the fact that they do not have more time to read, which is why eBooks are such a great alternative for people who travel for business. Whether it is on a daily commute or a long flight, you can carry your favorite books with you no matter where you go, and squeeze some leisure reading into your commute, waiting in line, or on a long flight.

Benefits of Book Scanning

To enjoy the freedom of having a vast library of digital books all on your mobile devices as opposed to a large book shelf, you should digitize your books to save these precious gems. This helps you save storage space around the house, but also allows you to share your favorite books with your loved ones and keep safe copies in case of fire or flooding.


It is not convenient to carry a lot of books because books are heavy. Especially those textbooks and reference books, students and professionals have to carry around every day. Once these books are scanned and converted to searchable files, you can carry literally hundreds of books with you wherever you go, and you can also quickly search these books for the relevant information.

Some people that have begun digitizing their books are those who drive a lot or who have impaired vision. These scanned books can be easily converted to audio books, allowing people to listen to them whenever they want without having to pay for the audio version.

There are so many benefits of book scanning. Plustek has many powerful book scanners and software tools that will help you quickly scan, process, convert and save your books into eBook and audiobooks. Visit Plustek website to find out how professional book scanning solution could help you.


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