Review on OpticFilm 8200i SE Film Scanner, by Camera Jabber

Camera Jabber is a website designed, built and aimed at photographers.  If you are looking for digitizing your collection of 35mm films, check out Mr. Jennings’ recent review on Plustek OpticFilm 8200i for advice.  


If you want to get into film photography or have a desire to step back into the darkroom then the OpticFilm 8200i acts as the perfect bridge between film and digital.

It’s relatively inexpensive and enables you to transfer your images with relative ease to your computer, and also offers direct upload links to your favourite social outlets.

There are aspects of the design that feel a little dated, but then this is a piece of hardware firmly connected with the past.

The standout feature of this scanner is the SilverFast software. It looks a little dated compared with the latest versions of popular imaging software but it does the job.

When it comes to film scanners there isn’t a huge choice on the market and the majority are just cheap projection units. The OpticFilm is more refined and compared with the output of other cheap neg scanners there really is no comparison, the OpticFilm wins hands down.

If you want to shoot film then the OpticFilm is simple but effective.

To read the complete review article, please visit Camera Jabber website.



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