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Do you still carry heavy books around with you? The book scanner can help you scan your heavy books and notes into electronic files for easy access to smart-phones and tablets, so you may easily find the information you need. The eBook files change your reading habits after book scanning. Because of the OCR text recognition function, you can quickly search keywords and easily archive files. You can also efficiently retrieve the required files and edit eBook contents. The scanned eBook files are immediately ready to use and truly save the file processing time.

The professional book scanning tool, Plustek eBookScan, is developed to enhance the efficiency and quality of book scanning. The most attractive feature of eBookScan is “human interface”. By using eBookScan, book scanning becomes simple and easy. You can quickly get started without studying the user manual. The specially designed drag & drop function let you easily adjust the desired page orders. eBookScan software allows you to save two different file formats at once. It really saves you time and effort to create eBooks.

Professional Book Scanning Software

Do piles of books and journals fill your desk and bookcases? Can’t find what you’re looking for when you need it? Now you can use Plustek eBookScan software to help digitize your books.

Using specialized scanning software can reduce scan processing time and give you much better results. eBookScan is the easy-to-use software for Windows system. This program is a specialized book conversion program that allows you to conveniently digitize your books, magazines and other paper documents and save them under various formats. The program allows you to perform common page editing and adjustment tasks like rotation, cropping, brightness, contrast, page order, all from the same graphical user interface in real-time.

eBookScan is designed for scanning books. It is simple to use and helps you easily digitize book contents. eBookScan also has the text recognition feature that allows you to not only scan the image, but make the text contents become searchable. eBookScan helps you to quickly archive eBook files and easily find the desired files.

Easy-to-Use Features Saving Time and Effort

1. Professional Book Scanning Format

By customizing the margin settings, you can scan the file just like the original book without any shadows or blanks, completely retaining the original appearance.

2. Automatic Continuous Scanning Function

eBookScan is the specially designed book scanning software. When continuously scanning book pages, eBookScan will automatically rotate the scanned images to keep the original book layout and order to help you easily complete the book scanning task.

3. Instant Preview, Drag & Drop Page Order

Instant previews after scans let you control the scan image quality. You may cut & crop the scanned images and drag & drop the page orders through eBookScan. This saves you a lot of word processing time so you can easily scan and get quality results.

4. Save 2 Files at the Same Time, Selectable File Formats

eBookScan exclusive design: One scan can be saved in two different file formats and different storage locations. Four kinds of file formats (JPG, TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF) allow you more flexibility in your data usage.

5. Resume Scan & Restore Function

Have you ever encountered computer crashes while scanning 50 pages without saving the scanned results? eBookScan has a resume scan and restore function that takes the scare out of computer crashes or power outages during the scanning process. You can immediately resume scanning and archiving through the software’s real-time records.

Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Connect the Scanner to Your Computer

Plustek Book Scanners and the eBookScan program allow you to easily perform book scanning tasks. First, plug the scanner’s power adapter into the power source and connect the scanner to the computer with the USB cable. After connecting your scanner and computer, turn on the scanner power and insert the Setup/Application DVD that came with the scanner into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive to install the scanner driver and application software. After the software is installed, restart the computer and the scanner is ready for use.

2. Modify Scan Parameters

Launch the eBookScan program on your computer before you begin the book scanning task. Before you start digitizing your books, it is recommended to enter the Settings dialog first for the image setting and file format adjustment. These settings will be loaded on every start of the application and can help you to get started more quickly. You can select the file format on this page to save the scanned images. Available file formats are: PDF, JPG, TIFF, and Searchable PDF. The bundled OCR software is required to install on your computer for the Searchable PDF format.

3. Start Scanning

To start scanning, place the brochure, magazine or book page you want to scan on the scanner glass. Click the Scan button to begin your scanning task. Your book page will be scanned and the scanned image will be shown on the left side of the main window. To continue scanning your book, place another page onto the scanner glass and click the Scan button again. The scanned image will be shown on the right side of the main window. You can scan all book pages you need. When you’re scanning a thick book, please gently press the book binding to guarantee the minimum space between the to-be-scanned page and the scanner glass. When the document cover is not closed, please don’t look directly at the scanner lamp during scanning.

4. Save Scanned Results

Once finished the scanning, browse all your pages to select any page for further adjustment and then adjust the scanned images. Click the Save button to open the respective save dialog and save your scanning tasks. The Save dialog will open and you can make a few choices on how your scanned images should be saved. This dialog is split into Save 1 on the left side and Save 2 on the right side. While Save 1 will use the File Format and OCR Language settings you selected prior to scanning, Save 2 allows you to select a set of completely different settings to output your scanned images. For example, you can have your scanned images output as PDF and JPG files at the same time.

eBookScan is a well-designed tool that helps you make the book scanning experience simple and efficient. With prior settings within the eBookScan, turning books into electronic files is simple and easy. Furthermore, you can set the scanner automatically continue scanning after the specified seconds. Try now and you can experience more features!

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