★★★★★ Can’t be Beater for the Price

User:           Callihan

Country:    USA

Product:     ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner

User Review:
I bought this product to digitize all of my old 4 X 6 prints and it has more than filled the bill. It is very fast and even if a print scans crooked, it will be straight on the screen. The 300 dpi optical resolution is adequate for viewing scanned photos on a computer screen. In those rare instances where I wish to have a large format print made, I have saved negatives and coordinated their filed location with the file folders containing the corresponding digital image. My daughter does scrapbooking and borrowed the scanner for a scrapbooking weekend. Everyone wanted to know when she got the scanner. After she returned the scanner to me, she bought one of her own. It can also be used to scan receipts which can then be saved in PDF format. Great product!

Source: B&H Photo Video

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