★★★★★ A Must for Baby Boomers Drowning in Paper Photos

User:           Moderate Risk

Country:    USA

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner

User Review:
This is the best scanner I have ever owned. The scans are of high quality. I haven’t mastered the editing features yet and I probably won’t master them because I have some great editing programs. When I bought this, all I was interested in was a high quality, easy to use scanner and that’s exactly what I got. It also scans notes, cards, and special letters and makes them into jpegs. It is also very fast as far as scanners go. I was surprised that a relatively fast scanner could do so without compromising quality. The reason I bought this scanner was that I inherited a mountain of photos after both of my parents died. There are many precious memories in these photos but I knew they would be lost forever if they continued sitting by the thousands in boxes, bags, shoe boxes, you name it. This scanner was and is a lifesaver!

Source: Amazon

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