★★★★★ Excellent Piece of Kit

User:         enty

Country:  UK

Product:   SmartOffice PN2040 Workgroup Scanner


User Review Abstract:

This scanner does exactly what it says on the tin. It can whizz through 100’s of pages a day scanning both sides in a single pass and very rarely jams.

As far as output quality goes it’s just as good as any modern color scanner. However, the software adjustment features (i.e. Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, etc) are useful for achieving the best results. For example if the pages you are scanning are old paper, yellow and dirty then its easy enough to adjust the settings to achieve white on black with little loss of detail. The software also allows page rotation. This is useful because you can then feed the pages into the scanner width ways, length ways, or upside down and still get the results in the correct order and orientation.

The RJ45 LAN connection comes in useful here because apart from allowing multiple users over the network it also permits you to set the scanner up in an area where there is plenty of space away from the computer. Hundreds of pages can then be dumped on any computer connected to network just by loading up the sheet feeder and pressing a button on the front panel.

The verdict 9.99 out of 10. A brilliant piece of kit.

Source: Amazon

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