★★★★★ Excellent Product…

User:           Shaye

Country:    UK

Product:    OpticPro A320 A3 Flatbed Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I purchased this A3 scanner to scan in A3 artwork, mainly graphite/pencil drawings. I am extremely pleased at how much detail it can pick up in my artwork. Also the flatbed scanner is larger than A3 – but I have not scanned in any artwork larger than A3 yet. There are four options on how to save your scan, once I decided which option to use, I found it easy, and I could crop, and rotate the scanned Image as well.

The product manual (saved to computer) explained what to do, and it was very easy to reset the scanner – it is working perfectly. I personally found it easy to load/setup the scanner from the disc provided – though I am use to loading programmes to the computer I am not a computer engineer/IT person etc.

I am very pleased at the quality of scan, and naturally I was extremely relieved at how simple it was to resolve the problem when the scanner was not working due to a power cut. Personally for me purchasing this A3 scanner was a good call…

Source: Amazon

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