★★★★★ Awesome Scanner !!!!!

User:           Pam R.

Country:    USA

Product:     OpticPro A320 A3 Flatbed Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I have been searching for a high end scanner for maybe 5 years or more as I am a historian & genealogist who scan antiquarian books & maps for my website and every one I tried was just not worth getting again. Then I thought one day I had never searched Amazon and when I searched for this up popped this AWESOME scanner. I was about to purchase an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that I had used for years and sure glad I did not as when I got it I was in heaven! It has 7 use buttons, 1)Scan 2)Copy 3)File 4)OCR 5) E-mail and tabs 6 & 7 you can set to do whatever you want that is in the list. It is a great sturdy machine that also looks great in any office. The scanning platform is 12 x 17 is phenomenal for me because I can scan an old atlas in one process where I used to have to do it in pieces. What a GREAT breakthrough! It is fast and I just cannot think of anything else to say but I would recommend every business that needs to scan items that can go into any of the places on your computers what else can you need?

Source: Amazon

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