★★★★★ Excellent for Film Strips

User:           LEHMAN M.

Country:    USA

Product:    OpticFilm 120 Film Scanner


User Review Abstract:
Things are working out nicely with my new equipment. My original scanner is 12 years old. It is better constructed and comes with 7 trays vs. the three I had. It runs quieter, faster and has a smaller footprint. The new unit came with SilverFast. It is very much improved and does more than I need. The only advise I have is that people be ready for a gradual learning curve with the SilverFast application. If you are comfortable with other scanning software then you will have an easier time. The Plustek is very well built. Figuring out the resolution, and magnification settings will take some time, but once you find what you want just save the frame set. I have no issue with the fixed focus of this machine. There is no need to adjust it if your scans are from un-mounted film strips. I scan 120 film strips exclusively. All of my scans are sharp.

Source: Adorama Camera

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