Computex Show Daily — ePhoto

It’s soon the third day of the Computex. Today we would like to introduce you the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning product, a stylish and eye-catching photo scanner—the ePhoto.


The ePhoto Z300 is a very easy-to-use photo scanner, tailor-made for home users, who wish to easily digitize and preserve their numerous photo treasures, and who also need to scan various other documents occasionally. The ePhoto Z300 comes along with an innovative and eye-catching design, and it also makes scanning photos and documents very comfortable, quick, and easy. As soon as the photo or document is inserted into the feeder and detected, the ePhoto Z300 scans, digitizes, and crops the scanned image to its original format automatically.


We’ve also demonstrated the ePhoto Standalone model at our booth, you may directly operate through the touch screen. After the photo is scanned, you may bring the files through the USB drive. Or you may upload the scanned files to the cloud, and scan the QR code displayed on the screen by your smartphone to get the images, isn’t it interesting? The ePhoto Standalone is honored to be invited to display in the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, you may print the scanned images as the real photo by a multi-function printer there. Come and visit our booth to experience the amazing photo scanner!

Our booth is at B0823a, TWTC Hall 1 and the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (Area I, Ground Floor, Nangang).

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