Plustek DocAction Received “Outstanding Achievement in Scan Profile Utility Design” Pick Award from Buyers Lab


Plustek is well known to have received many awards and honors for its various scanners across the globe, but do you know Plustek has also been honored with “Outstanding Achievement” award by Buyers Lab (BLI) for the technological achievements in the scanner arena of its Plustek DocAction software?

Buyers Lab (BLI) is the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools.  The BLI Awards are the most prestigious awards in the industry.  Awards are based on 2-3 months of BLI testing under industry lead criteria and complete evaluation of all aspects of a model. BLI’s “Outstanding Achievement” awards acknowledge those that bring products and capabilities to the office imaging market that stand out for their extraordinary ingenuity, usefulness or value. 23507050_1977776835834019_6371801777112612864_n

The award decision is based on test data as well as opinions of a committee of BLI analysts and editors.  The Plustek DocAction gave outstanding performance during BLI’s grueling laboratory and evaluation, and therefore BLI gave it the “Outstanding Achievement in Scan Profile Utility Design” Pick Award.

Let’s see what Buyers Lab said about Plustek DocAction:

Scan Customization Made Easier

When compared with competitive proprietary scan utilities that come bundled with document scanners, Plustek DocAction offers significant advantages in regards to ease of use and general functionality, which helped it earn a BLI “Outstanding Achievement” award for the Winter 2013 test season. The utility offers one screen that contains basically everything a scan operator would need. A list of customizable scan profiles is available to the right of the screen, with each profile identified by a unique icon. No matter the profile selected, users can access several different pre-set templates to get them up and running quickly. Conveniently, each template includes a description of its settings, which can be changed if users choose to reconfigure the template. Plus, up to 10 applications can be added to the destination lists, including third-party software, as well as specific printers for scan-to-copy jobs.

“While evaluating scan utilities, we like to look at how easy it is to access profiles, change settings and navigate the general feature set. With DocAction, everything is right at your fingertips. Plus, users have a variety of ways to save information: destinations, templates, profiles, even printers can be customized and saved to help ease the scan process. And adding a little description is a helpful reminder for the end user,” said Lisa Reider, BLI’s senior product editor for scanners.

– Quoted from BLI press release.

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