Plustek SmartOffice PS3060U Receiving “Highly Recommended” Badge And “Outstanding A4 Mid-Size Workgroup Scanner” Pick Award from from Buyers Lab


Buyers Lab (BLI) is the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools.  BLI Pick awards give special recognition to manufacturers and products that performed above their peers in their exhaustive lab tests. The semi-annual Pick awards (Summer and Winter) are chosen based on products tested within six-month periods, while the annual Pick awards (Winter or Fall) are chosen from products tested within a one-year period.

The Plustek SmartOffice PS3060U gave an outstanding performance during BLI’s grueling reliability test. Over two weeks, the device successfully scanned 20,000 documents without a single misfeed or malfunction. The experts at BLI rated the device “Highly Recommended” and gave it the “Outstanding A4 Mid-Size Workgroup Scanner” Pick award.


This is what Buyers Lab says about SmartOffice PS3060U in their press release of award announcement:

Workgroup Versatility at an Affordable Price
An outstanding overall performer, the Plustek SmartOffice PS3060U offers faster than average multi-page black-and-white speeds and better than average OCR accuracy for most documents tested. Plus, the unit includes support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems all for a lower than average price.

“In addition to its software and OS versatility, the Plustek SmartOffice PS3060U comes with a 50-sheet document feeder that can handle a wider than average range of paper sizes, including long documents up to 200″, which helps it fit into a variety of vertical settings that may require users to scan anything from thick plastic ID cards to an EKG sheet,” said Ellerman. “Plus, its smaller than average footprint makes it ideal for front office use. These features are just a few of the examples that facilitated its Summer 2016 BLI Pick win.”


The experts in BLI USA lab compiled a very detailed test report in 15 pages.  Big thanks to BLI for granting us to quote a small portion of their test report summary for our blog readers:

A very good overall performer, the Plustek SmartOffice PS3060U can fit into a variety of office environments thanks to its fast black-and-white speeds, reliable paper feeding, ability to scan long documents up to 200″, excellent price point and superb software bundle. Via Plustek DocAction software, users can customize up to nine scan profiles for frequently used operations, all of which can be accessed from the control panel.  … Based on its lower than average price and competitive performance, BLI highly recommends the PS3060U for workgroup scanning environments in need of a compact and efficient A4 scanner that can process up to 4,000 pages a day.

If you are interested in reading the entire test report of SmartOffice PS3060U and/or other office equipments, you may click here to become BLI bliQ’s paid subscribers.


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