★★★★★ Awesome Product, Awesome Reviewer

User:            Shorpy

Country:    USA

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I have got it to function with every other scanning software that I have, such as Abbyy FineReader, and a Microsoft scan utility that is free to download. All you have to do is make sure that you select this scanner in the application.

Another great feature is the fact that you don’t have guide bars that you have to adjust with each different sized photograph. You just center them and drop them in.

So that makes this thing even cooler than I was expecting. It is a great little unit and there is nothing comparable for the price. I have already scanned 100 old photographs, and they all came out great. It auto crops them too, so that is pretty sweet and saves you photo editing time and effort.

Scanning at 300 dpi is very quick (a couple of seconds for a normal size print), and at 600 dpi it takes approximately 15 seconds for the same size. Certainly if you have the time and patience save at the higher resolution. I did a side-by-side check however and the differences are barely noticeable to the casual viewer.

If you are scanning a document in the product software you have to make sure that you select to save it as a PDF.

Source: Amazon

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