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People have been talking about “Paper Free” for long time, but still paper never goes away completely.  In particular, we have various type of paper (e.g., letters, contracts, wire transfer receipt, courier bill, newspaper clipping, HR forms, …) to scan in our day-to-day office work, so that we can share the electronic files with others (and decrease the distribution of paper copies) and/or archive digitally for future use.

Yes, there is one or more MFP (multi-function printer) shared by everyone in the office.  However, it is not unusual that we see someone standing in front of the MFP, scrutinizing the complicated panel and trying to figure out  how to do a scan.  Moreover, there were times when we had several pages to scan and needed to stand in front of the MFP for minutes.  Our scans became the eye-catching target of colleagues standing beside you and waiting for their printing sheets.   We apologized for keeping them awaiting our scans and wished if there was a dedicated scanner that we could sit in our desk to scan without eyesight pressures. 

We are not alone among office workers.  “Bits And Chips”, the well-known IT media in Italy, has made openbox reviews on several devices and gadgets for small- and medium-sized businesses.  In a recently-published openbox review, Bits and Chips gave the scanner the “Bits And Chips Recommended” award.  Gian Maria Forni, the Editor in Chief of Bits and Chips, described this scanner as “the perfect flatbed office scanner” (Italian original “il perfetto scanner piano da ufficio”).

You may visit Bits And Chips website to read the Italian review with the help of Google Translate.  As Google Translate is not 100% correct and comprehensible, I did some tweaking in the English translation for the convenience of our blog readers.

Let’s see what kind of “perfect office scanner” is.

The name of Plustek, within the editorial staff of Bits And Chips, has now become synonymous with unmatched quality, thanks to the impressive impression that the products we have recalled in the past, designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized offices.

Today we want to talk to you about the Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 scanner, designed specifically for high-quality scanning as well as high-speed workflow, combined with an excellent suite of software.

Those who need to take advantage of the scanner to work on graphics are better off to turn to ad hoc tools, but those who want to have a reliable and practical work tool can read this review. There are certainly plenty of good reasons to get this Plustek scanner.



For the field test, we decided to put the Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 under a series of grueling tests. First of all, … we scanned a bunch of badly damp and wrinkled sheets. The Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 did not find any difficulty in scanning them, leaving us pleasantly surprised. Even the final quality was more than good.550x309-equal_images_2017_10_27_plustek4080_plustek4080c

We then wanted to test the quality of scanning with a series of pictures and drawings. Although this scanner is designed for office work – in which graphics and text make it a master – even in this case the end result was more than good.  550x309-equal_images_2017_10_27_plustek4080_warhammer2

To test the effectiveness of the OCT, we decided to scan a Warhammer Fantasy Battle manual, featuring a text superimposed on a particularly rich background. As you can see, the result is very good (Just a handful of wrong spaces).

Finally, as we can see above, we tested ABBYY’s OCR software in bundle, FineReader 12 Sprint … By exploiting different sources, we have not encountered any difficulties in creating docs.

From the point of view of practical tests, the Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 has never been disappointed either for ease of use or for the quality of its work!


The Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 has proven to be a powerful and versatile work tool, as it allows you to speed up office tasks without losing quality.  The ability to scan large stacks of documents and converting them automatically into various formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.) is a very useful feature to increase the work efficiency. Bits&Chips_Recommended_Award_logo

Equally useful is the OCR feature with ABBYY bundled software.  Whatever the files are – files scanned from old typewriter paper documents, or old archive files whose paper originals have been missing (such as notary or legal studies), these priceless documents can be handled efficiently.

Let’s not forget, then, the extreme ease of installation and use, which makes Plustek a valuable tool for those employees who, with the technology, increase efficiency every day.  The scan settings are clear to understand.  The software is perfectly stable (we did not find any crashes).  The scanner itself is easy to maintain / use from a “mechanical” point of view.

One negative note.   For some, it might be the price, not really popular, or 539.00 Euros inclusive VAT.  However, we recall that this is a professional product, specifically designed for a demanding clientele.  It is not a cheap product of dubious quality.  If you buy the Plustek SmartOffice PL4080, it is because you want to be sure to get your hands on a reliable and powerful tool, that you can hardly walk away from that.

Source: Bits and Chips website

There are more openbox images and introduction to this “Bits And Chips Recommended” office scanner in the article of Gian Maria Forni.  To read the entire article, please visit Bits And Chips website.

Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 comes with a flatbed and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) that allows you to scan almost everything in the office.  Take a look at this tutorial video:


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