★★★★★ High Quality Film Scanner

User:            Bob

Country:    USA

Product:    OpticFilm 120 Film Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I have used the Plustek OpticFilm 120 for color negative, mounted slides and B&W in 35mm, 645 and 6×7 formats. The image quality at its highest resolution (5300 dpi) is superior. Scan speeds are considerably faster. The film holders are very well constructed. The adjustable frame holders are a good innovation and even enabled me to hold and scan unusual film formats such as 110 and 620. The dual scan mode which is intended to increase the dynamic range of the scan, especially to open up shadow detail, worked very well. The ability of the infra red scratch and blemish removal tool to clean up damaged negatives was impressive. Overall, the product has more than met my expectations for high quality film scans.

Source: B&H Photo Video

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