Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 Was Honored with “IT Pro Recommend” – for Small Businesses on a Tight Budget


Small offices oftentimes face the dilemma between increasing work productivity and lowering expenses in their decisions of purchasing work gadgets.  One obvious example is the need to digitize paper documents for more efficient electronic sharing and archiving.

Expert Dave Mitchell at IT Pro has published a review of  SmartOffice PL4080  workgroup document scanner and gave it “IT Pro Recommened” award.  IT Pro, an influential media based in the UK, is known to provide real-world insight and advice to guide business and technology decision makers through the maze of information and communication technology investment.

Dave wrote this review in English.  We excerpt some of this scanner review here, and our blog readers who prefer to read this scanner review in their mother tongue may use the Google Translate tool in this blog.

Let’s see how this scanner can do to help small business in converting paper documents into electronic files to save their office space with digital archiving, increase the efficiency in searching needed information much faster from these digital documents, and save the costs of paper copying by sharing electronic files instead.




Great scan quality; Flatbed scans are fast; Superb document handling


Scan speeds drop at higher quality; Only compatible with Windows desktops for hosting


The lack of networking means the Plustek SmartOffice PL4080 won’t be ideal for every business but its combined ADF and flatbed makes it a very versatile scan package. Overall performance and output quality is good and small businesses on a tight budget will love its low price.


Small businesses seeking a low-budget scanner will find Plustek’s SmartOffice PL4080 fits the bill nicely. It teams up a fast 40ppm duplex ADF and A4 colour flatbed scanner with Plustek’s intuitive DocAction software – and all for a very pocket-friendly price.


The PL4080 delivers its claimed speed only at 200dpi, with our 25 bank statements scanned on both side in 38 seconds for both colour and greyscale output. Selecting 300dpi from DocAction saw speeds drop to 26ppm and fall further to 6ppm at 600dpi.

The flatbed is no slouch, with an A4 colour photograph scanned in 21 seconds at 600dpi and only 5 seconds at 300dpi. We were also impressed with scan quality as our photos revealed a sharp focus and excellent colour balance while statements scanned at 200dpi will be easily good enough for archival systems.

The ADF’s flat scan path also provides excellent paper handling with our collection of receipts, courier flimsies and customer feedback forms causing no problems for it. It’ll also handle ID and embossed credit cards but, of course, any that are too thick can simply be scanned in from the flatbed.


To read the complete review article on this SmartOffice PL4080 scanner, you may click here to visit the IT Pro website.



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