★★★★★ I’m Very Pleased I Bought This Scanner!

User:            hgee

Country:    UK

Product:    OpticFilm 8100 Film Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I’m so glad I bought this scanner. I have so far scanned about 150 films so that’s heading towards 5000 scans and this scanner had been working just fine. Here’s my experience of using the scanner for about 4 months.


The quick scan takes about 30 seconds, scanning a neg. at 2400dpi (my default setting as a balance between quality and scan time) takes about a minute. Using 3600dpi for better fine detail takes maybe 2-3 minutes. So scanning a 36 roll neg. can take about an hour to set up and save at highest resolution but it’s up to you what quality you want to achieve!

Scanning at lower res. will take much shorter time if you just want “contact sheet” style scans and then you could just pick a select few as favorites to scan at higher res.

The Silverfast software works just fine for me; one thing I would say is I prefer to scan using as few filters and adjustments as possible from the Silverfast software and just use Photoshop to adjust my scans afterward. Prescans can be easily cropped to your desired ratio and to remove the rough black edges of the neg. frame.

This must be the classic “when I retire” job to be done when you have the time to devote to it, like me! I have about another 25 films to scan but I feel this scanner has already paid for itself and I highly recommend it. Don’t waste money on a cheap scanner; you only want to do this once so spend the extra and do the job properly! Get a decent scanner like this one!

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