Scanning photos in retail stores – German company sells photo kiosks that use the Plustek ePhoto Z300 photo scanner.


The German company Silverlab Solutions is a manufacturer and service provider that develops digital solutions for the retail photo market. The company develops kiosk systems that enable customers to use their digital or printed photographs to create greeting cards, collages, photo books, duplicates or enlargements. These kiosks are found in many retail stores including: supermarkets, pharmacies and retail chain stores. Silverlab Solutions also manufactures passport solutions, drylabs and print systems.

By using the Plustek ePhoto Z300Silverlab Solutions has created an easy way for customers to scan and digitize their printed photographs. Keeping true to the ePhoto motto, “Simply easy … Scan photos and documents in seconds”, customers using Silverlab Solutions kiosks can digitize their printed photos in seconds.

With a resolution of 300 or 600dpi, ePhoto Z300 provides high quality images. Scanned photos can be saved as digital files, reprinted, enlarged or even used in photo books.

Thanks to ePhoto’s automatic photo detection, the scanning process starts automatically when a photo is inserted. This makes it simple and easy for customers to scan their photos.

Additionally, the Plustek ePhoto Z300 is compatible with Silverlab Solutions Passport Photo Systems.

See how fast and easy it is to scan and digitize photos using the Plustek ePhoto Z300 and Silverlab Solutions photo kiosk:

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