★★★★★ Flawless and Super Easy Performance in Scanning Documents

User:           Strider

Country:    USA

Product:    SmartOffice PS186 ADF Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I am very happy with the performance, so far. I need a scanner for documents almost all black and white. Presets are easy to modify to your preference. You can set a particular folder to scan to, scan to file type, and dpi (100-600), etc. for each profile. That works great for me. For black and white docs, it is excellent and fast. Since that is what I need it for most, I am happy with my purchase. You can also easily set or modify a profile to eliminate blank pages, auto-rotate, enhance characters, etc. There are these nice advantages too: It folds up quite small, and the folding top keeps dust out of the scanner – that is a major flaw for most other scanners. The document sheet feeder has side guides up high to keep the paper straight, is nearly vertical for good use of gravity, and I have not had a misfeed, so far. (1 day) Before the day was out I had the ultimate test: A 100+ pages two-sided three-hole punched transcript. I did it in two files, each roughly half. Flawless, and so easy. Push “Scan”. (I have preset 1 set to a multi-page pdf doc at 300 dpi to be sent to the “scanned docs” folder on my desktop.) I love the product.

Source: Amazon


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