Scan to searchable PDF, you’ll never be afraid that file can’t be found!!

After painstakingly spending time and effort, scanning the large stack of documents into electronic files, the most annoying thing is that you cannot find the file! ?

Cannot find the file! ?

Cannot find the file! ?

Cannot find the file! ?

How could this be happened?!


In order to avoid this kind of irritating and regretful situation, we want to remind you again that if you want to scan document that is almost text, it is best to scan the document into searchable PDF file in order to perform full-text search. When you suddenly think of a keyword or a sentence, there is a way to find the file you want to find in the file sea!

So, what is searchable PDF? How could it be so powerful! Please allow me to explain simply. The searchable PDF file is the PDF file that combines the image layer and the text layer. It can not only keep the original appearance of the paper, but also you can search the keywords through the text layer. The searchable PDF is the most convenient and easy to use file management format. The scanned images can be saved as the searchable PDF file through the OCR program.

searchable pdf

Let’s see our video to learn how to make searchable PDF.

See, it’s quite simple, right?! The software demonstrated in the video is called DocAction II, it’s very easy to scan document into searchable PDF file. You can experience the thrill of this kind of file management now!

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