Quick Link to Download Scanner Drivers


Dear Plustek Users,

As we are continuing to have website problems today, we put together a list of quick links to download the drivers.  Please find the scanner model first, and then click Windows or Mac for the scanner driver you need.

We apologize for all inconvenience caused to you.


ePhoto Z300:  Windows, Mac

OpticFilm Series:

OpticFilm 120:  Windows
OpticFilm 135:  Windows, Mac
OpticFilm 8100:  Windows, Mac
OpticFilm 8200i SE / OpticFilm 8200i Ai:  Windows, Mac

SmartOffice Series:

SmartOffice PS186:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS283:  Windows
SmartOffice PS286 Plus:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS30D:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS406U:  Windows
SmartOffice PS4080U:  Windows
SmartOffice PS456U:  Windows
SmartOffice PN2040:  Windows

MobileOffice Series:

MobileOffice AD480:  Windows
MobileOffice D430:  Windows
MobileOffice S410:  Windows

OpticPro Series:

OpticBook 3800:  Windows
OpticBook 3900:  Windows, Mac

OpticPro Series:

OpticPro A320:  Windows, Mac
OpticPro A320L:  Windows, Mac

OpticSlim Series:

OpticSlim 1180:  Windows, Mac
OpticSlim 2610:  Windows, Mac
OpticSlim 2680H:  Windows, Mac
OpticSlim 550:  Windows
OpticSlim M12:  Windows, Mac



If you can’t find the scanner driver you need here or if you need any help, please click here to write to us.


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