Quick Link to Download Scanner Drivers

For the convenience of Plustek scanner users, we put together a list of quick links to download the drivers.

Please find the scanner model first, and then click Windows or Mac for the scanner driver you need.


ePhoto Z300:  Windows, Mac

OpticFilm Series:

OpticFilm 120:  Windows
OpticFilm 135:  Windows, Mac
OpticFilm 8100:  Windows, Mac
OpticFilm 8200i SE / OpticFilm 8200i Ai:  Windows, Mac

SmartOffice Series:

SmartOffice PS186:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS283:  Windows
SmartOffice PS286 Plus:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS30D:  Windows, Mac
SmartOffice PS406U:  Windows
SmartOffice PS4080U:  Windows
SmartOffice PS456U:  Windows
SmartOffice PN2040: Windows

MobileOffice Series:

MobileOffice AD480:  Windows
MobileOffice D430:  Windows
MobileOffice S410:  Windows

OpticBook Series:

OpticBook 3800:  Windows
OpticBook 3900:  Windows, Mac

OpticPro Series:

OpticPro A320:  Windows, Mac
OpticPro A320L:  Windows, Mac

OpticSlim Series:

OpticSlim 1180:  Windows, Mac
OpticSlim 2610:  Windows, Mac
OpticSlim 2680H:  Windows
OpticSlim 550:  Windows
OpticSlim M12:  Windows, Mac

If you can’t find the scanner driver you need here or if you need any help, please click here to write to us.