★★★★★ Perfect for Scanning Many Photos

User:           Colin Manders

Country:    UK

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review:
There are not many options for scanners to quickly reduce the number of stored photographs and photograph albums. Flatbed scanners are too slow. Having reviewed the options I settled on the Plustek ePhoto Z300 and I am pleased that I did. It was a pleasant surprise to receive a helpful email from the vendor before I received the printer (using Amazon Prime too!). Setup was easy. I did not have a CD drive on my laptop to install the supplied software. I could only find drivers on line so I use an old PC and copied the CD onto a USB stick. On loading this onto my laptop I was informed of a newer software version on line. This quickly downloaded and installed. I then installed and calibrated the printer and was scanning within 10 minutes. The unit has a nice small footprint and is quiet in operation. The bundled software is easy to use. I chose a location in my cloud, changed the scan dpi to 600 and quickly scanned the contents of one photo album. The software does permit rotation and editing. Bearing in mind that we could not do this when the photos were taken and printed and the fact that the cameras in my youth that I could afford were pretty basic I am very happy with simply scanning and not adjusting – I have about 50 albums to scan! The results are fine, memories are safely preserved and space in my house is recovered. The scans are quick, 300 dpi is very quick, 600 dpi takes a little longer. Feeding the photos is very easy. I have a flatbed scanner but chose this for speed and ease of use for scanning many photos and it is a good choice. I have also scanned documents with it. They are also quick and with good results. In short an excellent scanner for the price to do exactly the job that I wanted it to complete.

Source: Amazon

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