Useful image adjustment tip: Character Enhancement

Today we would like to talk about a useful image adjustment tip: Character Enhancement.

What exactly is the function of Character Enhancement? What kinds of characters should be enhanced?!


As the name suggests, “Character Enhancement” is to enhance the text on the scanned file, making the text that is a little fuzzy become clearer and sharper! ! After using the function of “Character Enhancement” to make the text clearer, it’s not only help to view the electronic file without difficulty, but also help to improve the accuracy rate of optical character recognition. You must be able to see it clearly before you can see it correctly. Isn’t it?!


Scan applications such as DocAction, DocAction II and DocTWAIN developed by Plustek are all equipped with the function of “Character Enhancement“. Next time when you scan document and the text is a bit fuzzy, please undoubtly tick this function option and you will definitely see the unexpected effects!

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