Frequently Asked Questions about Scanner Calibration

When does the scanner need to be calibrated? ! How to calibrate the scanner? !

Hey, it’s pretty easy!! Just like the car is being maintained every 5,000 kilometers, the scanner needs to be cleaned and calibrated after it has been used for a certain number of times. In addition to the physical cleaning of the scanner body, scanner maintenance is through the calibration program to restore the scanner’s best scanning color and image effects!

Take our hottest model ePhoto Z300 as an example!

When you find the color of the scanned image is very different from the color of the original photo, the red is not red enough, the white is not true white. Or it seems like there are thin straight lines on the scanned image. Or the crop becomes inaccurate, and there is a black border on the scanned image. These are the times to perform calibration!


The calibration sheet is very important, you will need it every time you perform the scanner calibration. So please keep it safely, do not throw it away!

If you cannot find your calibration sheet, don’t worry, you may click here to buy!

Without further ado, let the video talks!!

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