Plustek Library Solutions – what to expect?

Say Goodbye to Photocopy Machine! A New Era with Plustek Solutions for Library

Library usually offers standard photocopy machines for public and internal users, however, it is not environment friendly since there will be a lot of paper wasted on daily basis. Plustek understands all of the difficulties that libraries are facing and we would like to introduce two product lines OpticPro and OpticBook scanners with the bundled software as a total solution designed specifically for library sector.


No matter you are a public library or a university library, Plustek got you covered. No more making copies with the photocopy machine, Plustek OpticBook lets you scan your bound materials and make your own electronic library within seconds. You do not have to worry about the quality of scanned images, with our 2mm book-edge design, we can help you eliminate the spine shadow and page distortions, promise you with the best image quality ever.


If your collections are graphic arts and you want to digitize them? No worries Plustek OpticPro is an ideal solution for you! Optic Pro series are A3 size scanners with the CCD sensor to provide you with the highest resolution and sharpest images. The color reproduction is beyond expectations with the high dynamic color range. Moreover, our bundled software enables you to create your own searchable files after scanning to read on electronic devices. Now you can access to your collections anywhere at any time!

We also attend CLA Conference 2018, don’t miss your chance to talk to us face-to-face, drop by our booth, say hi and get your opportunity to win our giveaway and grand prize!

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