Scan & Crop vs. Crop to Clipboard

Sometimes we just want to preserve certain parts of the document, such as simple recipes on the newspaper. The most common method is to scan the entire page of the newspaper into a jpg file, then open the image file in the image-editing software such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, crop the desired content, and then save it in the form of a graphic file, or paste it in the word file to organize them into a cookbook that you can refer to at any time.


Could it be possible to make it easier?!

If it is not necessary to open the file in image-editing software, and you can retrieve the desired content while scanning, would it be more convenient?!

Plustek’s exclusive DocAction II software with the latest version Crop to Clipboard application can help you to simplify the procedure!

You just have to select Crop to Clipboard application in Save setting page.


Then scan the document with THIS profile settings, you may now start to crop the desired content without opening it in the image-editing software!

In addition to save the selected portion as a graphic file, the texts on the selected portion can also be “read” out by OCR program. You may freely organize the image and text to create your own electronic cookbook, it’s just that easy!

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