When Apple Photos Meets Plustek ePhoto

Apple Photos is a convenient photo management app that helps you to organize your photos and videos taken by your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With iCloud Photos, you can even access your photos and videos from all of your devices. When you edit and organize images in the Photos app, your changes are kept up to date and visible everywhere. Apple Photos app helps to sort your photos and videos by people, places, and even create precious moment collections. Digital photos management is quick and easy.

But what about your old printed photos kept in the shoeboxes stored in somewhere of the garage? They are all priceless memories!

Some of you may think of taking pictures by your smartphone. Well, for 1 or 2 shots, it maybe fine to quickly grasp image, and if you don’t care about the image quality. If there are thousands of old photos, that would be a nightmare and an impossible mission.

“In all honesty, everyone should consider scanning in at least some of their old photos. It may take some time or money to get started, but the benefits of having old photos protected, shared, and edited completely outweigh the costs.” Suggested by Andy Betts from The 3 Best Ways to Scan Your Old Photos (And Why You Should)

Plustek ePhoto is truly a fast and easy to use photo scanner, it accepts photos one after the other. All the old photos are bringing back to life vividly. After the digitization, you may MOVE these scanned photos to Mac Photos for further editing, and enjoy the ease of photo management just like those you’ve taken by your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


It just takes one more step!


It is quite simple, you just need to drag and drop the desired images to a specific folder in the Cabinet, then import the selected images to Mac Photos from the open folder. Now you may start to edit and organize images, create photo albums and projects in the Photos app.


Here is a short video to guide you through all the steps, let the video talks!!

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