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Good Things Are Worth Waiting for. April Update on LAB-BOX Competition (DIY Film Developing)


Those of you who have signed up to enter the LAB-BOX competition to win one of competition prizes “20 sets of LAB-BOX + 2 Modules (135 and 120) (value €109)” will be very happy to hear this news.

Good things are worth waiting for.  According to the latest update from LAB-BOX creator ars-imago, they will be finishing the assembly work this month, April.

That means if all things work well, we may be expecting they start to ship the LAB-BOX to us backers in this couple of months.

Does this LAB-BOX really work?  Can we really use this LAB-BOX to develop films anywhere without a darkroom? Can we put it into the backpack while traveling outdoors to shoot the films?

Seeing is believing.  See this video for how the LAB-BOX was tested with C-41 development by one of their backers a couple of weeks ago.

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(Video Source: LAB-BOX Italy website)

I’m not a skilled developer. I have developed around 4/5 rolls of color negative film in my life using the Paterson tank. … After the first roll of film, Lab-Box become very easy to use. And the developing process runs faster. … Even though, I think they have manage to craft and amazing product and a great piece of design.” said the tester Andrea Michelon. (Click here for his complete review.)



Those of you who have not yet signed up, you still have the chance to win the LAB-BOX prize.  We keep our promise to the competition terms “The closing date for entries is when the LAB-BOX creator ars-imago announces the final shipping date on the KickStarter project webpage”, and therefore extend the closing date for competition entries to this couple of months till ars-imago starts to ship the LAB-BOX.The competition is free, and it’s easy to enter the competition.  Simply click here to answer a question and complete your contact information.  To view the terms and conditions of the competition, please click here.





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