★★★★★ Worth Every Penny. Time Saving Was Phenomenal.

User:           Scott Prior

Country:    UK

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review Abstract:
This is an absolutely excellent product at this price point. If you have a significant volume of older prints then this is a must. It transformed a job that would have taken 89 days at 3 hours per day with the scanner on my printer, into job that took a long weekend. Once photos are on digital format backing up, sending and sharing is easy. This product is easy to set up and easy to use. I think that for most folks that simply want to scan older photos, this is ideal, and the tools to enhance the photos are fine, for me the quality is more than adequate. Once scanned, I can start fully sorting out. It really does only take 2 seconds per photo to scan. Would thoroughly recommend this as a product.

Source: Amazon

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