★★★★★ Great Value Rapid and Accurate Photo Scanner.

User:           B. Battersby

Country:    UK

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review:
Had 1000’s of old photos to deal with, was considering renting a high quality scanner or having them sent away. This bad boy for only 169 quid is a winner. It genuinely scans a photo every 2 seconds and shoots them out into a folder on your PC or laptop. Then try can simply be burnt to CD or uploaded to cloud storage. The auto cropping and de-skewing is super fast, automatic and accurate. Even at the lower ‘300’ quality setting you can see every bit of detail that you can see in the original photograph. You could easily print at double the size. Colours are accurate, deep and rich. This was a great buy, it’s sorted many photos from the 80’s and 90’s for myself, my father in law and Grandmother.

Source: Amazon

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