★★★★★ Superlative Scanner

User:           HD Studio

Country:    USA

Product:    OpticFilm 120 Film Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I use this scanner to make high resolution scans of film-based originals, both negatives and chromes, in a variety of formats, but mainly 35mm and 120 -size. I scan individual exposures, and rarely do batch scanning. I am a fine art photographer and produce exhibition grade prints on large format printers (one with a maximum width of 44-inches and the other a 17-inch printer) capable of very high resolution.

This scanner is equipped with seven holders, two for 35mm (strips and slides), and five for 120 (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8/9, and 6×12), mainly for the greater efficiency of handling different sized images and controlled through the bundled software.

The software supplied is the generally excellent Silverfast Ai Studio, which is accompanied by an IT8 calibration target for ensuring color accuracy. It should be noted that although the software is bundled, it is customized for this specific scanner by Silverfast in conjunction with the Plustek engineers. Silverfast software for scanning is considered among the best (I’ve used it for three other models, from two different manufacturers) and is priced, separately, on a premium basis.

The initial results with this scanner, testing a wide range of images in a variety of materials, some images as old as 45 years, indicate that it is a superlative instrument. It’s a pleasure to use and produces results better than any in my experience in my own studio.

Source: B&H Photo Video

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