★★★★★ Professional Level Scanner

User:           Ken

Country:    USA

Product:    OpticFilm 120 Film Scanner

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User Review Abstract:
The scans I’m getting from the Plustek Opticfilm 120 are sharper, and the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 driver is working very well. I have been scanning my Hasselblad negs at 2650 dpi resolution with the Plustek, so the scans I’m getting with the new scanner are slightly smaller, though still plenty big for a 24×24 print at 300 dpi. I have made some scans at 5300 resolution on the Plustek, which makes for a file size over 300MB in size, and they look great, too. The film holders are nicely made, easy to load, and seem to keep the film nice and flat, and scan speed is much faster.

Source: B&H Photo Video

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