★★★★★ Scans Things Beautifully (Using for Watercolor Art and Ink Drawings)!

User:           Kristin J

Country:    USA

Product:     OpticPro A320 A3 Flatbed Scanner


User Review Abstract:
Thrilled so far with this affordable large-format scanner. I paint watercolor designs (mostly botanical and with detailed shading and colors) as well as illustrate with markers in black/white as well as colored markers (like Copic for manga and other types of illustrations). I needed to find a scanner large enough to scan my 12″x12″ paintings and illustrations. I decided I had to give this scanner a try because it is the only one I can possibly afford.

After installing the software I was able to easily customize the settings on the device Buttons to meet my specific needs. For example, I adjusted the file type and file-goes-to location on the “Custom 2” button so that it was optimized for my ink drawings and dropped new files into an “Art Scans” folder on my computer. Then, after doing a test scan on my watercolor painting the first scan was blown-out with way too-bright whites and lost the detailed pale-color detailing on the painting, so I used the button customizer (DocAction) again and reduced the brightness and reduced the contrast significantly. My next scan was GORGEOUS and perfect and even better than my past other scanners have ever been able to produce with my watercolor artwork (I was amazed). So I would encourage you to take the time to carefully adjust the specific scan settings on the Buttons, including in particular the default Contrast and Brightness settings if your scans are not appearing how you want.


I am honestly crazy-thrilled with this scanner right now – I have never had such accurate high-detail and delicate scans of my watercolors before, and getting that result out of a large-format scanner that didn’t break-the-bank to buy is making me really happy. The workflow is also going to be extremely convenient – simply attach USB cable, push one of my pre-set buttons depending on what I’m scanning, and my scans magically appear perfectly in my designated folder on my laptop.

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