Is it truly easier to find the file if I add indexes to filename?

Speaking of the filenames for scanned files, I think most people will think of the serial number, or the format of date and time! Of course, such a file name is not a problem for scanning, the problem is in the subsequent filing and classification. Since you want to scan the document into an electronic file, you definitely want to find it more convenient and efficient in the future. It is better to know the file type from the filename, and this kind of filename is meaningful to you!

Plustek exclusively developed the DocAction II program that has built-in ”Add Index to Filename” file naming format. After each scan, you can select the indexes you want to add to the filename from the text. These indexes can help you to associate with the file content upon seeing the filename. It’s not only increase the connection with the file content, but also save the file through the optical character recognition, all the content texts are read out, and the full text search can be performed through the FTS Manager.



Searching for files through FTS full-text search is really convenient. If you still vaguely remember the indexes added in the filename, you can search the file by filename. If you only remember some texts in content, you can choose to search by full text. No matter how small the clues are, FTS full-text search can help you to find the exact file!

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