Winners of the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX Competition


Here is the long-awaited moment.

Who are the new owners of these lovely, gorgeous LAB-BOX prizes?


The 20 winners for the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX competition are:


Each winner will receive one set of “LAB-BOX + 2 Modules (135 and 120)”  (value €109) , with shipping charges prepaid by Plustek.


For personal data protection, we can not show the full email addresses of the lucky winners here.  We will contact the winners by your provided email addresses by August 7, 2019.  The winners are requested to reply with the shipping address info by August 16, 2019.  Please keep close eyes on your email box and respond immediately.

Any winner that does not reply with the shipping address info BEFORE August 16, 2019 will be considered as waiver of the competition prize, for which we shall draw new winner.

In case of any questions, you may click here to contact us.

Again, thank you all for your participation to the LAB-BOX competition.









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