Convenient Scanning on Linux Ubuntu with Scan Profiles

Working with scanners on Linux desktops is made easier with scanning tools such as XSane, Simple Scan and Gscan2pdf to many Linux users.  However, the staff at the Ministry of the Interior in Uruguay still find it painful to scan with these popular tools.

Uruguay_Ministerio del Interior

The nature of the services provided by the Ministry of the Interior leads to the complexity of document scanning and archiving every day.  The paper sizes vary from A3, Legal to Letter.  Moreover, the staff are required to scan and save these diversified forms and documents to different formats (JPG, PDF or OFD) by the archiving policy and regulations. 

The Ministry of Interior uses Linux Ubuntu.  The IT people evaluated all these popular scanning tools.  The scanning application must not only handle the scanning and archiving challenges from the document complexity, but also be easy to use since the staff responsible for scanning are not technically educated.

Some app is packed with functions more than needed, which makes it difficult for the staff to learn quickly and use correctly.  Some app is easy to use but can not fully meet the archiving requirements alone.  It is also time consuming, either frequently changing between different scan sizes before the scanning or  manually crop each page after the scanning.

After some disappointing actual testings by the staff with these Linux Ubuntu supported scanning tools, the IT people was recommended with the Plustek LinuxAction that comes for free in select Plustek scanners.  The Ministry IT people find Plustsek LinuxAction meets their requirements perfectly.  Its user interface is very easy to use.  The best thing is its scan profile design.  The staff can simply click a button to scan the documents and save to different designated folder in specified file names.


The staff can custom design scan profiles to streamline their repeated scanning and archiving tasks.


The staff can choose automatic page optimization, saving the troubles of adjusting the pages manually after the scanning.  Whichever paper size is – A3, Legal or Letter, the document is automatically cropped to its correct page size after the scanning.


Event if the staff put the documents upside down, they can still rotate the pages in the preview window.


Moreover, OCR functionality is built in LinuxAction, so the staff can scan documents to save as searchable PDF.  This searchable PDF, along with the flexible file naming rule, enables them to better manage their archive and to quicklier search the needed documents than before.

DocAction II_searchable PDF

The Ministry of Interior in Uruguay bought 52 units of Plustek OpticPro A320 large format flatbed scanners that come with Linux Ubuntu scanner driver and LinuxAction scanning app.  Seeing increased efficiency after one year of deployment, the Ministry of Interior decided to purchase more Plustek scanners with LinuxAction for Linux in January 2019: OpticSlim 2680H flatbed scanners for departments that need to scan A4-size documents only and prefer a compact smaller scanner.

Looking for more options in scanning on Linux?  Feel free to write to us what you want to read on this blog.

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