New Lucky Winners of the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX Competition


Good news or bad news: which do you want first?

The research shows most people wanted to hear the bad news first, followed by the good news, because they believed they would feel better if they got the bad news out of the way and ended on a good note.

All right, I hear you saying “Don’t leave me hanging!”

I’m cutting to the chase now.

Bad news to eight people among the twenty lucky winners of the Plustek Connect LAB-BOX competition announced in our previous post.  Some of you didn’t respond with your shipping addresses before the deadline August 16, 2019.  The rest of you might have typo with your email addresses, as we kept receiving delivery failure messages after three trials.

The waiver of the competition prize by these eight people brings good news to the following eight new lucky winners!

Congratulations!  Each winner will receive one set of “LAB-BOX + 2 Modules (135 and 120)”  (value €109) , with shipping charges prepaid by Plustek.


For personal data protection, we can not show the full email addresses of the lucky winners here.  We will contact the new winners by your provided email addresses.  Please keep close eyes on your email box and respond immediately.

In case of any questions, you may click here to contact us.

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