★★★★★ Great for Large-Size Scanning, Super Value

User:           Liz Zélandais

Country:    USA

Product:     OpticSlim 1180 A3 Flatbed Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I absolutely love this scanner. I have been working to diminish my stuffed file drawers by throwing away what I don’t need and scanning what I want to keep. Some of the keepers were newspaper clippings and other larger items that my other scanner couldn’t accommodate–other than scanning them in pieces. Thus began my search for a large-format scanner.

Is this the best large-format scanner on the market? That depends on your criteria and how much you’re willing to spend. Here’s why it is the best for me.

1) If you compare the prices of large-format scanners, this is an unbelievable bargain. For my purposes of having high-def, clear copies of precious but mundane items, it was a screamin’ deal.

2) This has a great user interface and is fairly intuitive and easy to use. It also has excellent instructions.

3) It offers a lot of fine tuning, with options of color/BW, level of definition/dpi, JPG/PDF, etc.

4) Most importantly, this scanner creates clear, high-quality scans. Yay! Mission accomplished.


Source: Amazon

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