Healthcare Retail Stores Use X50 to Increase Work Productivity

Retail pharmacy stores in cities with foreign visitors need to process member card registration, invoice bill and VAT refund bill procedure every day. Employees in these retail pharmacy stores have to key in lots of foreign customer information such as name, address and country. ID card & Passport scanner X50 helps these stores to increase data accuracy, raise data entry rate, secure data transmitting process, speed up service procedure, and improve customer satisfaction.


The retail pharmacy stores supply health and daily living products. Foreigners who buy products in pharmacy stores can get VAT (Value-Added Tax) refund. This means employees at pharmacy stores have to key in lots of foreign customer information every day. However, the stores often get the wrong customer information because foreign customer names are difficult for employees to spell and key in.

Plustek provides the complete solution for international passport recognition to solve foreigner data problem. Using SecureScan X50 to record foreign customer information onto store system is easy. Stores use X50 along with POS software to process invoice bills, VAT refund bills and member registrations. Retail store employees can serve their customers with better confidence, because X50 eliminates errors from their day-to-day tasks and also increases work efficiency.

SecureScan X50 is a stylish and compact MRTDs (machine readable travel documents) scanner. This essential equipment is suitable for different industries to capture, verify and transfer key personal data. The benefits for using X50 are limitless to help stores and organisations become more efficient and secure.

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