[Save Life Photos] Step 1: Have a Vision and Mentally Prepare

Guest Post from DigiDaddy

Like I said in “Save Life Photos and Relive Every Moment Bit by Bit”, saving those precious memories can be a long-term mission which requires persistence to reach your goals. This can be no small feat and if you don’t want to find yourself frustrated and giving up, the first step is to have a vision and mentally prepare.

Psychologically speaking, am I willing to spend the time to organize?

Practically speaking, do I have the time to organize?

Scanning your or your families’ photos, filmstrips and slides (some also have 8mm family video film) require you to devote not only time but also energy. Before you decide to embark on this journey, ask yourself the following questions:

Question 1: Do I have the time? Am I willing to spend that time?

If you’re doing this because someone told you to do it, or if you are currently busy with work or life commitments and can’t afford to spare a few continuous hours to do it, or if you think it is no concern of yours, then I would suggest not starting right now. Beginning this project at such circumstances won’t be a lovely wander down memory lane, but a tedious task which will most likely be left half done. Sometimes not starting a project can be better than doing a half job (or a poor job). You want to organize and categorize the photos and films, so you spread them across the table. After a while, you may get distracted to do something else (if you’re not truly willing to do this task, you will find a reason not to), and then suspend the project altogether. No matter how the photo albums and old shoe boxes are scattered around your home, you can manage to track and find certain photos and films, it is just a matter of time. The word “messy” won’t be enough to describe after you spread out these photos and films across the table – perhaps dauntingly messy.

Question 2: Do I have a fixed place at home to do this project?

If you’re using a temporary location such as the dining table to organize your photos and films, this could be inconveniencing in the long run. Every time you want to sit down with your family for dinner, you will need to pack them up, then lay them out again after. I would not recommend this method as the more you pack and repack those photos, you’re adding that extra risk to potentially damaging those precious photos. Find a fixed space you can organize your photos.

Questions 3: Am I interested in these life stories of the past?

If not, then I would suggest not starting yet. If you don’t have any interest in the history , then you will most likely get bored halfway through.  Better to keep these photos and films resting and intact within their photo albums and shoeboxes where they have been for years.

If you answered “Yes!” to all these questions, you have taken the first half step to success! Congratulations!

“Wait a minute… only a half-step?”

As said in the beginning, this is a mission that requires persistence. It is essential to be motivated.  You may ask, “What is the Motivation?” Setting up your vision and end goals will help motivate you towards completion. You need to think about who these photos and films are for, and what is the point of organizing them? What happens after? How would you like to share and enjoy these pictures?

Let’s imagine for just a moment.

Running into classmates or old friends, what will you talk about? If you take out the photos of those forgotten moments, who knows where the conversations will end up!

Your kids have grown up and are soon to move out or get married. You give your best wishes and perhaps a little financial boost, but what else could you give them to remind them you’re still their embarrassing parent? How about an elaborated record of their childhood, time studying, and greatest (or worst) moments?

One day when you or a family member retires, wouldn’t you like to be able to reminisce on those younger days?

Do you want to record family history?

Perhaps your parents are getting older; one day they will move on from this world. When your family and friends come together will you be able to show the story of the life of loved ones?

If you don’t do it now, will you regret it later? If you can’t do it, will your spouse or siblings have these same thoughts?

If you have a strong motivation to spend time and the space to organize these treasured memories, then we can begin the significant mission to save these precious photos of life!

1_Saving Life Photos Step 1

This guest post was originally written in Chinese by DigiDaddy and localized into English by Plustek Connect digitization expert team with the author’s permission.

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