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[Save Life Photos] Step 3: Prepare Your Tools

Guest Post from DigiDaddy

“A craftsman is only as good as his tools.”

You need to prepare two tools: One is a digitization tool, and the other is a cleaning and assistive tool.

Digitization Tools

Generally speaking, there are three ways to digitize old photos:

  1. Recreate  with a smart phone or digital camera.
  2. Send them to a photography studio who digitize them for you.
  3. Purchase a scanner and scan them yourself from home.

You can refer to my article [Save Life Photos] Step 4: Retake or Scan Old Photos? to compare the pros and cons for yourself. Think about your situation and needs, and then make the best choice for yourself.


Cleaning and Assistive Tools

Most of your old filmstrips and photos are probably faded, discolored, dusty, and stuck to each other. To receive optimal digitization results and to keep those memorable filmstrips and photos properly preserved for years beyond, handle them with extreme care. Examine each photo and each frame of films, and do some basic cleaning.

Here are a few notes I have summarized:

I created a checklist so that you can get your tools ready before you begin scanning or recreating your old photos.

A. Cleaning Tools

B. Assistive tools

C. Preservation and Storage Tools


Do not think that these preparations are overly cumbersome. Scanning, then editing digital photos becomes much easier when you have done these necessary preparations, not to mention that not everyone can afford to buy Photoshop or manipulate Photoshop like an expert. We might as well clean the dust and stains off the films and photos before scanning before we start to scan them.

This guest post was originally written in Chinese by DigiDaddy and localized into English by Plustek Connect digitization expert team with the author’s permission.
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