★★★★★ Exceptional Scanner for the Price

User:           Mr. Thomas A. Firey

Country:    USA

Product:    OpticSlim 2610 Flatbed Scanner


User Review Abstract:
I cannot believe how good a product this is–at this price! Here are the high points:

* Whisper quiet: So quiet, in fact, that I wasn’t sure it was working the first time I used it.

* Very simple setup: Plug it in (just USB; no power supply!), load the setup CD, run the setup program, including self-calibration, and you’re ready to go.

* Ridiculously easy to use: There are several preset buttons on the unit itself, including PDF-maker (that automatically runs OCR), copy (image scan), OCR (document scan), and Email. Press the button you want, and the scan is created and dropped into the scan folder (which also automatically opens when you press the button). Apparently, the software that comes with the unit includes more sophisticated tasks like batch-scanning.

* No power cord: It’s powered through the USB! So one less cord to jumble, and less one plug to clog your power strip.

* Very small for a flatbed scanner–not much bigger than a child’s large storybook. The other commenter who notes that it fits in his (legal) file cabinet is spot-on: great space-saver.

Source: Amazon

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