★★★★★ Great for Digitizing Old Prints!

User:           TWM

Country:    USA

Product:    ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review Abstract:
Incredibly fast scanning at 300 resolution setting and in my visual comparisons of scans of new prints on a 24″ HD computer screen, the results at 300 look at least as good.

This is the first scanner my wife has declared easy enough for her to handle on her own the very first time she sat down at it.

Some hints:

1. Before you turn on the scanner the first time, be sure to remove the packing tape and foam from behind the bar across the front. Do this before you attempt calibration

2. Run back-to-back calibrations before you start scanning. Before proper calibration, I was getting closely spaced colored vertical lines throughout the scan output. The Calibration function is hidden behind the question mark icon toward the upper right of the software screen. Keep that white Calibration sheet safe for future use. You may well need it.

3. Use Maximum quality (100%) JPEG setting for best scan results. The resulting file sizes are modest my modern standards, even at 600 resolution.

4. Settings (gear icon) allows choice between 300 and 600 resolution and also allows pre-choosing a folder in which to auto save each scan. But you still have to select Save (floppy disc icon) for each scan. The scans are not auto-saved upon scanning; the “auto” part is auto selecting the proper folder in which to save each scan before you start scanning.

5. The auto crop/auto deskew function has worked very well for me so far. This scanner is great for digitizing large quantities of old photos. It works very fast, easily, and produces high quality results at 300 resolutions.

Source: Amazon

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