★★★★★ Tough Job Made Easy !!

User:           Richard C. Thompson

Country:    USA

Product:     ePhoto Z300 Photo Scanner


User Review Abstract:
Scanner arrived on time and in great condition. Loaded software with enclosed CD, then found instructions for update, so I immediately removed the software and installed the update. It turned out just fine. Calibration was a snap, and I scanned one photo right away to check. It came out fast and perfect. A few days later I scanned 386 photos in no time and the came out perfectly. I am thrilled with this product. My Grandson helped me with the scanning by loading the photos while I configured the results into folder groups (I could have done it all myself, but this was faster). Now my Grandson wants to get one for his Dad. I have many more photos to scan and happily, it’s not going to be the daunting task that I had feared.

Source: Amazon

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