Restaurant Chain Massis Kabob Uses Plustek eScan SharePoint to Improve Business Process Efficiency

Dubbed “The Original Kabobery®,” Massis Kabob is a quick-serve format restaurant chain that has been in business since the 1970’s. Their six restaurants are located in mall food courts in the Los Angeles area.

Much like other chain restaurants, Massis Kabob heavily relies on paper documents and forms. That brings the challenge of receiving documents at corporate headquarters and invoice processing service in a timely manner.

Before they implemented the Plustek eScan SharePoint scanners, daily forms and invoices were faxed and documents like their new hire packets were delivered to their headquarters by a courier service.

The Massis Kabob restaurants have limited office space, so a large MFP wasn’t going to meet their space requirements. A desktop scanner would require employee access to the manager’s computer. So, for security reasons, a desktop scanner wouldn’t work either. Finally, the scanning solution had to be easy to use and not require any user training.

Through consultation with Plustek, Peter Baghdassarian, President of International Grill, Inc. the parent company of Massis Kabob, learned of the Plustek eScan network attached scanners. The eScan scanners attach directly to the internal network, don’t require a PC, and are much smaller than an MFP or printer. They feature a large 7” display and customizable one touch scanning buttons. The one touch buttons enable employees to send documents to a designated location by simply tapping a button.

With eScan, Massis Kabob’s workflow now consists of sending invoices to their processing service by email instead of faxing, and scanning HR and other business documents to OneDrive instead of using a courier service.

Automatic invoice processing is now more accurate and invoices are processed minutes after they are received. Manual corrections are no longer necessary because of the better image quality of documents scanned with eScan. Their new hire packets are scanned to a OneDrive folder in about 1 minute. This is critical to the hiring process because packets are processed by the HR department minutes after they are completed. New employees can now start work the same day they are hired rather than in a few days.

Documents scanned by Massis Kabob include invoices, new hire packets, schedules, employee IDs, all HR related activities, communications from the landlord (mall office), punchout authorization forms and more.

Plustek has been a great partner through the specification, selection and implementation process.
They listened to our needs and helped us choose the solution that best fit our business processes.
”, said
Peter Baghdassarian. “The eScan scanners are ideal for our business because they don’t take up a lot of
space in our stores, and we don’t have to train our employees on how to use them, and they have been
very reliable.

The Plustek eScan SharePoint scanner has reduced the Massis Kabob chain of restaurants operating
costs and improved their efficiency.

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